What is a Home Inspection?

The home buying process can be very stressful. The price and location is not the only consideration when buying a home.  You are also concerned with the quality of the house itself and if there are any issues that could be costly in the future.

The Home Inspection is an unbiased, professional analysis of the condition of the home. You will be provided professional report on the condition of the home along with the numerous systems within it. The age of significant components and service lives will be provided to help you to anticipate possible future expenses. This will give you peace of mind on what could possibly be the largest purchase you will ever make.

We will inspect all the structural components, and systems of the home. Items included in a typical inspection are:

1) Site, Grounds, Grading

2) Exterior and Structure

3) Roof Components

4) Interior Components

5) Kitchens & Bathrooms

6) Plumbing Systems

7) Electrical Systems

8) Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

9) Attic Inspection

10) Basement & Crawlspace

11) Garage/Carport

Requests to add components not typically included and unique to the home can also be evaluated.

When the physical examination of the property and structure is complete, we will inform you of any major defects that were discovered and be available to answer your questions and concerns. The complete written report of this inspection can be provided to you by email, mail or both.

Our goal at Mass Home Inspections is protecting the best interests of our clients.  We pledge to be loyal to our clients and provide them with an honest, expert, comprehensive inspection analysis.  This will help them make informed decisions about repairs and maintenance items during the home buying process.